Mass Maharaju OTT Movie Release Date: Story and Trailer Updates on OTT Platform

Mass Maharaju movie release date on OTT: December 19, 2023 is the scheduled release date for the film Mass Maharaju.

In his early films, Sandeep Madhav portrayed straightforward characters in Jyothi Lakshmi, Loafer, and George Reddy.

He attempted a mass screening of Vangaveeti. He is currently producing a film called “Mass Maharaju” that is entirely on mass after Gandharawa bombed.

Sunrise Entertainment was the company behind this film. CH. Sudheer Babu directed it, and Swati Raju served as the producer. The primary characters in the movie Mass Maharaju are numerous.

Two of them are Raj Tarun and Sandeep Madhav. At Rama Naidu Studios, the movie’s premiere took place, and regular filming has since started.

Simrat Kaur, known for playing Hari, and Bichagadu Sampada will play the prominent roles in the film. Melody Brahma Manisharma composed the film’s score.

According to the filmmaker, 1980 is the setting for Mass Maharaju, which focuses mostly on sacrifice and camaraderie.

The film’s creators haven’t yet provided an estimated release date. To learn more about the movie, be patient.

Date of Mass Maharaju’s OTT Release

Mass Maharaju’s creators have not yet addressed digital rights, and the movie won’t be released until December 19, 2023.

Sandeep Madhav is one of the main characters in this film. Sandeep’s debut appearance was in the Naga Chaitanya-starring film Josh.

Later, he appeared in the films Loafer, Dalam, Jyothi Lakshmi, and Railway Station.

He acted as the lead in Vangaveeti, his first film role, after seven years. Following that, he acted in the George Reddy biography, which gained him a lot of notoriety.

He saw no further success, and his most recent film, Gandharwa, was a box office dud.

In this film, Raj Tarun also has a major role. He became well-known thanks to his debut film, Uyyala Jampala, and he continued to enjoy success after triumph.

However, after three straight hits, he began to have flops, and his career began to decline.

Despite having given up, he continued to make movies; his first OTT series, Aha Naa Pellanta, just debuted.

Additionally, he has a movie that is not Mass Maharaju called Tiragabadara Saami. There is currently no information available regarding the release date of Mass Maharaju OTT.

OTT Mass Maharaju Platform

Harmony Brahma The score for this movie was composed by Mani Sharma. He recently produced fantastic music for the 2012 film Bedurulanka. Based on his previous work, I have no doubt that he will make a quality film.

After the film is released, the creators of Mass Maharaju will provide all the information regarding the film’s digital rights.

Movie Mass Maharaju Plot

The filmmakers of Mass Maharaju have not disclosed the plot of the film. According to sources, the movie is set in 1980 and is about friends who make sacrifices for one another.

The Mass Maharaju Movie Cast

Numerous individuals, including Sandeep Madhav, Raj Tarun, Simrat Kaur, Sampada, Raja Ravindra, Sai Kumar, Satyam Rajesh, Dhanraj, and Racha Ravi. Mani Sharma wrote the music, and CH.

Sudheer Babu was in charge of directing the film. Ajayan Vincent is the director of photography, Prawin Pudi is the editor, and Swati Raju-run Sunrise Entertainment produced the movie.

Mass Maharaju’s movie trailer

Mass Maharaju’s trailer has not yet been made public. That the trailer will be released shortly is a certain.


On December 19, 2023, Sandeep Madhav, noted for his roles in Jyothi Lakshmi, Loafer, and George Reddy, would release Mass Maharaju.

The 1980s are the setting for CH. Sudheer Babu’s film, which also stars Raj Tarun and Sandeep Madhav.

Melody Brahma Mani Sharma’s music is set to a story of friendship and giving. CH. Sudheer Babu is the film’s director and Sunrise Entertainment is its producer.

Although the trailer has not yet been published, it is anticipated to do so soon.



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