Killers of the Flower Moon: Leonardo DiCaprio’s suspenseful movie’s release date, cast, and story

Martin Scorsese, an 80-year-old filmmaking legend, is still going strong. His newest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, will be released in some theaters on October 20.


The 2017 book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by author David Grann served as the inspiration for Scorsese’s most recent film, which was written by Forrest Gump screenwriter Eric Roth.


After oil was discovered on their territory in the 1920s, as the book’s title suggests, a Midwestern Native American tribe in Oklahoma began committing a slew of gruesome murders.


An all-star cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio and including Robert DeNiro, Jesse Plemons, and Brendan Fraser brings his story to life. Scorsese has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio for many years. The movie is the star and the director of Raging Bull’s first together in ten years, following 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street.


Killers of the Flower Moon stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. (iTunes TV+)

Killers of the Flower Moon stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. (iTunes TV+)

Fans have been forced to wait a long time to witness what director Martin Scorsese has in store, with filming set to wrap up in October 2021. When the movie premieres on Apple TV later this year, everything will be made clear.


The newest Scorsese film will debut in UK theaters on October 20. Apple TV+ will thereafter stream it.


The conflict between white settlers and Osage people swells to unimaginable heights and results in bloodshed as a constant beat drives home the tension. Check it out above.


In July 2023, Apple released a brand-new, action-packed trailer. See it after this.


Cast of Killers of the Flower Moon


With Killers of the Flower Moon, which has a long list of famous names on it, Scorsese isn’t holding back with his most recent cast list.


Leading the pack is Leonardo DiCaprio as Ernest Burkhart, who was found guilty of planning to murder a significant number of Osage community members.


He will be accompanied by Jesse Plemons as Tom White, the detective who solved the murder case, and Robert De Niro as cattleman and fellow convicted murderer William Hale.


Lily Gladstone plays Burkhart’s skeptical wife Mollie, Brendan Fraser plays lawyer W.S. Hamilton, and John Lithgow plays prosecutor Leaward to round out the group.


Along with three musicians, including Jack White, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell, Canadian actor Tantoo Cardinal also appears in the film.


plan by the Flower Moon Assassins


Killers of the Flower Moon by novelist and journalist Grann details a string of savage killings committed by members of the Osage Native American tribe in the 1920s.


Members of this hamlet in Oklahoma were killed over a five-year period after oil was found on their property. The Osage people, who were legally entitled to profit shares, were scheduled to collect substantial quantities of money before a plan to gradually exterminate them was developed.


According to Grann’s book, at least 20 members of the Osage Nation were killed; but, given the connections of numerous other people to these high-value oil revenues, the author speculates that the actual number may reach the hundreds.


The FBI’s role in looking into these murders and their connection to the bureau’s previous head J. Edgar Hoover will also be examined, according to the official plot summary for the film.


What we do know is this. Nevertheless, given that Scorsese’s new feature film has a confirmed running duration of three hours and 20 minutes, we’re confident that there are many additional elements present that we are still not aware of.



Why it’s unlikely that Killers of the Flower Moon will surpass Wolf of Wall Street at the box office?


 Projections are only calling for a $20M-$30M opening domestically (via Deadline). That would actually be higher than The Wolf of Wall Street’s opening weekend, but the 2013 movie had a bit wider appeal. 



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