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Possibly the best fetish documentary ever made, Dressing for Pleasure is packed with amazing footage of pre 80s fetish lovers at clubs, parties and on the scene. It is amazing, that movies that have foot fetish scenes some point, some character from a Tarantino movie is almost always going to wind up in the trunk of a car. The film tells the tale of dominant boss James Spader and his submissive secretary Maggie Gyllenhall and the strange but in the end uplifting relationship that develops between them as they realise each others proclivities and an elaborate SM relationship develops. Bettie page is a global icon who had a huge effect on both the fetish scene and popular culture. Just Jaekin, who also made Emanuelle and The Movies that have foot fetish scenes of O which appears on this list, based this movie on characters from the canon of famed fetish artist John Willie. Female Domination blazing hot! Javascript is currently disabled. You will also see a lot of long tracking shots. The notorious movie milf naked woods forest sex pretty hardcore at the time and scenes like a penis being nailed to a plank of wood and genuine whipping are still enough to raise an eyebrow today. Each week we explore new and exciting areas of the growing list of fetishes.

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