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MOBY Dick Seafood Restaurant, Louisville

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Wellfleet Oysters Pesto A half dozen Wellfleet oysters broiled with basil pesto and romano cheese Please be aware of moby dick menu increased risk of a foodborne illness when eating raw food or food cooked to less than medium. Lamb Shank Large pieces of lamb cooked with potatoes and onions. Outer Cape Onion A sex prostitute in raba Spanish onion cut, battered and deep fried with a bit of spice moby dick menu 9. Chicken Beryani - Popular Chunks of chicken breast, potatoes, onions and garlic mixed into saffron rice. Beef Sandwiches All medium hot sandwiches are made with one skewer of meat or veggies barbecued to perfection. Is this a place where you pay before receiving your order? The neighborhood seemed depressed, but the restaurant staff was pleasant and accommodating. Served with a baked potato and moby dick menu on the cob

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