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My wife and I are into the Pet lifestyle, she is relatively new, however, I myself husband does have I was enjoying the feeling of him in me when I felt the knot start to grow. Large dogs are not easy to control nor are they easy to do this with. I speak on behalf of the experience I gather from two k9 knotting movies you porn my slaves who are into K9 for many years. If the knot is inside, try to push back and ensure its swelling properly inside, not just at the entrance, although his length might make pushing back hurt due to the depth, that discomfort will be nothing compared to the knot swelling half in and out. I learned the hard way. If the damage is enough to need hospital care, how do you explain the damage to the doctor? The films give the idea you could be being k9 knotting movies you porn for quite some time… unlikely!

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