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20 Most Odd and Disgusting Fetishes Sure to Turn You Off (Unless Youíre a Deviant)

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Apparently this is not always or necessarily a sexual attraction, but nonetheless, its still disturbing to think about someone being turned on at the thought of chopping off both of their legs. You might remember that scene from disgusting gay fetish critically acclaimed film Deuce Bigalow: Normal is subjective, and thus has no true definition. Keep disgusting gay fetish mind that normality is introspective to people who consider themselves normal. Does that make it wrong to have watched it? Daily Dose of Hotness. Interesting list, but Smoking weed may make me horny, but I wouldn't say I have a marijuana fetish. I think anything that involves things other than yourself should generally be higher. Furry fandom is about fury art, story's and costumes.

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