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Masturbation Month: How to have better orgasms

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As the water flows and chubby young girls tube onto your bare genitalia, the clitoris tends to become erect from arousal. Some women can only achieve climax via coital stimulation vaginal penetration. Around the clit and hood preferred by 1 in 2 women Brushing over the clit with no pressure preferred by 1 in 4 women No touching getting the best orgasm by yourself the clit at all preferred by 1 in 20 women Pressure on the mons, above where pubic hair grows preferred by 1 in 12 women. Running water flowing onto the clitoris and vulva tends to give a similar feeling to that getting the best orgasm by yourself a vibrator. You can rub your clitoris in a circular motion, up and down or by any other technique you find enjoyable. How can I reach orgasm during masturbation? I am a female and I have difficulty making myself orgasm when masturbating. Next time you have sex focus on your pleasure.

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