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I've 3 holes in my penis and out of which the one which is under the penis is usefull for urine. If you have hypospadias that was not operated on, but which bothers you because of the appearance of the foreskin or because you cannot control the direction of the urine stream, ask your family two holes in the penis to refer you to a urological surgeon who two holes in the penis be able to give you more information and discuss the options. Is can I still have kids?? But you all have to understand. Hypospadias does not make you incontinent because the urine flow is controlled by the neck of the bladder, which is higher up inside the body. About 1 in every males is born with the opening the meatus on the underside, and the middle of the glans just has a blind dimple. I have had no problem with sex. As a result, some spraying of urine may occur.

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