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A lot of strange things can happen in the dark, especially when you can't see what you are doing. The human body is, and forever will be an amazing mystery. Unable crazy objects found in peoples asshole get it back out, the inmate in question waited over three days for nature to do its business, suffering excruciating pain as he did so. However, to claim that you stuffed a flashlight up your rectum by accident, is seemingly taking it that one step further. Opting to try and fish it out instead, forceps were brought in, along with an insane amount of lube. Directly before the removal operation, one of crazy objects found in peoples asshole doctors casually asked, "It is spent, isn't it? Luckily, if they have the good fortune to survive having a nail inserted into their heads, the doctors rush to the rescue and take out whatever weird object they find in the human body. After receiving an X-ray, it was then found that he had been harboring a huge lump of concrete crazy objects found in peoples asshole his butt hole, resulting in immediate surgery and severe embarrassment. Running the risk of infection, disease and in some cases death, the disorder often goes unnoticed due to the embarrassment of the patient and the negative connotations of sexual deviancy.

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