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23 Guys Describe What A Wet Dream Feels Like

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I only recall one occasion, when I was 13 or so, and the dream was like having the best sex of my life. I was scared that something was wrong with me and told my brother about it. My heart started beating faster, Explosive orgasm feeling high in the sky got all erect, then I started shooting several times. No, it is just the pure essence of an orgasm in a dream. It felt so real that it was incredible—the sensations were amazing. I snuck into the bathroom and rinsed them out, then snuck down to the laundry room and put them in with dirty clothes. All of a sudden it was like an ocean wave of explosive orgasm feeling high in the sky pleasure and dreaminess washed over me and I had this visual image of a long line shooting hundreds of feet away from my body down the beach. I washed the cum from my pubes in the shower next day. My wet dreams are the most pulsating, strong, powerful ejaculations that I ever have.

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