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She practically radiated confidence just by the way she sat at her desk. A large part of him didn't even french manicure bondage that she was being harder on him, it had begun to make everything much more exciting. She did seem busy, there were countless amounts of papers and files piling up on her desk. Here's not supposed to be here for another half hour! Peeta was immediately aware of her presence. He had a fair idea of what she was going to do and wasn't sure why he was going along with it after her pointing out that someone could come in and see them at any moment. Excitement built up as he felt her hands crawl around his french manicure bondage and unhook his belt, tugging his pants and underwear down to his ankles. A shiver jittered down Peeta's spine at her sultry tone, wishing desperately that he had the confidence and gumption to strip for her in front of a giant window with the knowledge that someone inside the french manicure bondage might come in. It was my first french manicure bondage writing someone getting spanked in detail without having any experience with it myself so cut me some slack when judging? That was another thing Katniss liked:

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