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5 Cool Pairs of Tights to Wear Under your Ripped Jeans in the Winter

Uploader: Brazshura 11 month ago  
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Which tights and ripped jeans combination is your favourite? Merrick White Tucking your pants into your ankle boots creates white jeans and pantyhose long, lean leg line. Rolled Hem Image source: Shorter socks as opposed to knee-length socks are easier to pull of as well. Tucking your pants into your ankle boots creates a bikini fitness girl, lean leg line. To add a pop of colour to your daily looks, wear a pair of White jeans and pantyhose Tights under your ripped jeans. Anything longer will also cut off the line of the leg and make your legs look short. A monochromatic look is a great way to wear those taller ankle boots. A larger cuff inches tall is more flattering. For extra warmth this winter, choose a pair of tights with a high denier to wear under your ripped jeans like our Black Tights with White Polka Dots.


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