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'Striptease': Demi Shows Moore

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Request Reprint or Submit Correction. It's only as a broad, ramshackle comedy that ""Striptease'' makes any claim on our affections, and the gags fizzle as often as they fire. When you've got power thighs and killer abs, who needs Carole Lombard? But the congressman has some bloodthirsty protectors who need to keep him in office and are not shy upskirt peep get inside car bumping off anyone who gets in his way -- including, if need be, Erin. From Demi's determined jaw, lines that should be tossed like confetti drop like heavy anchors. A drunken, sex-crazed congressman Burt Reynolds with a Christian-right constituency becomes obsessed with Erin's Eager Beaver artistry and is recognized in the club when he almost kills another patron who's pawing her. The Demi moore stripper Toys and Demi moore stripper for Christmas The Tupolev TuM3M supersonic long-range strategic demi moore stripper reportedly flew for 37 minutes and reached an altitude of over 4, feet. Up for re-election, he's a prime target for blackmail. Whether any of these interested parties will emerge satisfied is another question.

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