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DVD: Smell It, Lick It and Fuck It!

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As if only just realising that Emily was no longer lying on top of her, Paige jumped straight to her feet and made her way up to the bedroom. Trying hard not to laugh at her girlfriend who looked rather lost still lying on the floor. Nerves, yet excitement not fuck it lick it which was more overwhelming. Sorry, could not submit your comment. Admiring how Paiges chin was now covered in her juices, watching as Paige licked her fuck it lick it, humming at the taste left behind. For the past half hour, she had been tangled in a wrestling war, which Paige had suddenly turned into tickling fest, much to her disdain. As she shut them she could feel Emily placing the silk blindfold no tits amateur porn her eyelids, fastening it at the back of her head. She felt Emily pause for a moment, letting her adjust. Enjoying watching the mixture of Paiges facial expressions, along with the sight of Paige being filled again, and again, and again.

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