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It also appears that the transaction was never consummated, as Hof stated: Never lost it due to lesbianism. A number of high-profile auctions such as the auction of "Natalie Dylan" and auction of Catarina Migliorini were never completed. In chronological order, virginity auctions which have received substantial news reporting include:. Archived at the Wayback Machine. In Mayit was reported that year-old Romanian Alina Percea had successfully auctioned her virginity for 10, euros to a year-old Italian man, advertising the offer on a German dating site. Retrieved from " https: In Octoberit was reported that year-old Brazilian Catarina Migliorini was selling her virginity, as a part of a planned documentary called Virginity to the highest bidder Wanted by Australian director Justin Sisely. She reportedly consummated the transaction in Venice, and took a morning-after pill the next day as virginity to the highest bidder sex had been unprotected. Uite in ce bunaciune s-a transformat!

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