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She did look absolutely glowing in the picture where she is carrying her third tank top huge pregnant belly and hand-in-hand with her husband-to-be. This is a maternity shirt designed to fit expecting mothers. She definitely got not just one more baby, but six more babies. I bought in a large and it was snug enough on my belly without being too tight! When you see something enchanting, you have a knee-jerk reaction to snap a pic, and this woman is mesmerizing. I'm down for either one. The mom said tank top huge pregnant belly tried not to give in to her cravings, but when you're as petite as Jessica, any extra pound on her or the baby shows tenfold. I'm going to see if my Mother In Law can remove the elastic and try to ease the gathers a bit so I can finally wear and enjoy the my first maternity purchase that I was looking forward to so much! However, the weight of her decision was too much and Nadya and her tribe of children dropped out of the media's eye. This might shock a lot of husbands or grandmothers, but women in labor don't take too kindly of having their pictures taken.

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