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History of clothing and textiles

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Since the s, it has been possible to finish textiles to resist stains, flames, wrinkles, and microbial life. Archived PDF from womens asian hand knitted vests original on 13 December Under the Shang Dynasty, Han Womens asian hand knitted vests clothing or Hanfu consisted of a yia narrow-cuffed, knee-length tunic tied with a sash, and a narrow, ankle-length skirt, called shangworn with a bixia length of fabric that reached the knees. The earliest evidence of silk production in China was found at the sites of Yangshao culture in Xia, Shanxiwhere a cocoon of bombyx morithe domesticated silkworm, cut in half by a sharp knife is dated to between and BC. Medieval Womens asian hand knitted vests from Excavations in London, c. Economic history of India. These new laws required people to wear different styles and colors to indicate social status. Mughal women wore long loose jamas with full sleeves and in winters it was accompanied by a Qaba or a Kashmir shawl used as a coat. Commoners wore pudong of rough abaca cloth wrapped around only a few turns so that it was more of a headband than a turban and was therefore called pudong-pudongóas the crowns and diadems on Christian images were later called.

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