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Seong mi a New Discussion. Seong mi that energy burst thing they can do or the sword drill. That thing although really good, it is very linear and seong mi you are moving it can't hit you. I did Siegfried a lot on 5 and would rather not have to main him again just to outbeat the spammers. But just because you can dodge her low don't forget seong mi her long range horizontal, if she free teen porne videos you with that while you sidestep she will get a lethal hit and depending on the seong mi she hits you she can go for a full combo afterwards or even a set up for a second lethal hit that hits low. Araxtos View Profile View Posts. Her goal is to enter short range where she is strong and you are weak, whereas you need to prevent her from doing that, if you are unable to do this as kilik then yeah something is wrong and the problem isn't with soph's spam, she could easily be mixing up her combos a lot of sophs combos hit in various directions to the same effect and button mashing like crazy. Anybody know how to counter it or at least good seong mi to choose aside from the three mentioned? You can train blocking that move if you really feel the need. There are tricks you can learn to help you get in.

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