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Besides her inspirational looks, she has a pretty great career in Hollywood, oh and she always has a man by her side. As annoying as Lena Dunham is we have to admit that her commitment to keeping her body the way she sees fit is incredible. When Alesya is fully naked and spread, I just about ruin my pants. Point is, she gets to decide because she is kween. Being thick involves a little jiggle in the tummy, having a little fat all over the body. Ok what I mean is that she wants to host the party in a sexy one piece, serve champagne in nothing really thick thighs naked her thong and high heels. Tweedy really thick thighs naked that she may be a girl next door, but she can be that naked goddess of your dreams. Amber Rose is known for owning her body and never being ashamed to take her clothes off.

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