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How do I make these erections stop!?!

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So many people don't know that sexual responses can and do happen not just during things like intercourse or oral sexbut even when two people are just hugging or kissing. I just ask you try and be sensitive to the fact that I feel as awkward with it as you might, and understand that if I want to move away from making out quickly because of what my body is doing, it's probably not about my not liking you or you having done anything wrong. It happens with older guys too. You penis erection in class to do that, and it's okay: There are some built-in inequities many of us have to deal with when it comes penis erection in class our bodies. For sure, making out and having genital sex are different things, but when we're any kind of sexual with someone else, which includes making out, our bodies may have sexual responses. Obviously, you'll want to take what I've suggested and put it in your own words so you don't sound like some kind of infomercial, but you get the gist. Sometimes that will happen without orgasmsometimes right after or with one. I hope you can help, thanks.

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