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Facial motor nucleus

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Upper motor neurons of the cortex send axons that descend through the internal capsule and synapse on neurons in the facial motor nucleus. Etiopathogenisis of lower motor neuron facial palsy is still a diagnostic challenge and the literature has shown varying results pertaining to the same. What is the current advised management of Bell's Palsy presenting within 72hours of symptom onset? The same mechanism motor neuron facial palsy for an upper motor neuron lesion in the right hemisphere. Facial paralyses are motor neuron facial palsy into two types, namely, supranuclear and infranuclear system. Use of electroneurography as a prognostic indicator of Bell's palsy in Chinese patients Otol Neurotol ; Attempted closure causes the eye to roll upwards Bell's sign. Diagram of brain stem showing the nuclei of the cranial nerves. Relative sex incidence of facial paralysis relating to etiology Click here to view.

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