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She can feel herself adjust to the size of it and she moans as Faith pulls it out just a little before sliding it back in further; filling her more. Faith growls at that exclamation, grabbing one of her ass cheeks in her hand hard in such a claiming gesture. Buffy's eyes go wide as she stares at the bottle like she can't decide buffy and faith porn pics it's her best friend or worst enemy right now. She eats that position up; quite literally sometimes. Select new user avatar: Faith's breathing is shallow and she's moaning hard, her fingers teasing her own nipples relentlessly as she fucks Buffy's face. Buffy squirms, feeling another gush of arousal coat her thighs as she grips Faith's hip tightly. It isn't about having the luxury of having an illicit affair; if it was they would have buffy and faith porn pics something so much nicer. Faith starts to slide the head of the bottle inside of her slowly and Buffy gasps hard from the coldness contrasting with the heat of her pussy.

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